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The Issues


The proximity to the New York Metro area offers Northern Dutchess County economic opportunities as well as an influx of visitors and future residents. As the region struggles to protect the resources that it values while accommodating future growth, the municipalities will come under increasing pressure to gauge the impact of the following issues on the quality of life and act to address these issues. The key to achieving a successful region will be the efforts made by the Northern Dutchess Alliance member communities to understand the connections, to cooperate inter-municipally and to identify solutions that benefit the region as a whole.



What is the regional vision for our major roadway corridors? What are the anticipated traffic levels in five or ten years? Will public transit work in this region? Are the land use plans for each community consistent with their neighbors?



Fostering a local economy which raises the well being for all residents is a goal of the Northern Dutchess Alliance. Can we working together regionally to ensure local needs are met by local supplies, capture the multiplier effect of dollars spent locally and encourage the development of value added industries?



Tourism is a major economic engine in Dutchess County. The many historic sites and pick your own farms in northern Dutchess provide exceptional opportunities and some challenges for our communities. Is there a way to develop tourism in the region which is mutually beneficial?

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Agriculture and Open Space


This is a defining characteristic of all our communities, but how can this be done efficiently and cost effectively? What are the priority lands in the region? How can we work better with our partners including developers?

Land Use


What is the vision in your community? Does the community have a plan which reflects a collective vision of its residents? Do implementation tools achieve the desired vision? What about the bordering municipalities? Does their zoning complement or contradict yours?

Affordable Housing


Are we doing enough to ensure that all income levels have housing opportunities? What are the solutions? Can we afford not to act?

Property Tax


What impact can a municipality have on rising property taxes mostly related to school funding? What is the relationship of property taxes to economic development?

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